Ready-made, pre-formed Spanish companies with full infrastructure and bank account

De Micco & Friends is the leading law and tax firm for ready-made companies and incorporating of all kind of companies, trusts, holdings or other legal associations in Spain for foreign individuals, entrepreneurs and investors.

Ready-for-use companies to start and manage a small bussiness, middle range limited liability companies, or big share capital companies are always available.

We offer Spanish companies ready-to-use within one day only. You decide if you want to place your own director or one of our trusted lawyers or tax advisors. Our Virtual Office Service also includes the daily management and administration of the company and acting as a tax representatives and accountants at the Spanish authorities.

De Micco & Friends offers pre-incorporated Spanish companies for foreigners with 100% ownership! Travel to Spain is NOT necessary, the change of ownership and directors can be done by power of attorney.

De Micco & Friends - Company purchase Spanish SL, SA

Shelfs - better by a law firm

To buy a shelf at an agent or broker can be very risky because of unclear histories. Our ready-made Spanish companies are private limited liability companies incorporated in accordance with the Spanish legislation in force, with no assets or liabilities, with no debt, and with no previous activity (which are certified before a Notary Public), in order to provide entrepreneurs with the option to have a Spanish Limited Company immediately at their disposal.

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Spanish SL, founded and ready for use

De Micco & Friends offers already founded, ready to use registered companies, including internet address (Domain), eMail, post address, administrator (lawyer), Spanish bank account and Spanish tax number as a package. The companies are 100% clean and never used. Foreign shareholders can take over 100% of the shares .You can be operative with your own Spanish company within 24 hours.

Examples for ready-made Spanish companies including web address:


Company Activity Age Inscription Price
BESTTRADINGSERVICE SL All activities 2018 in process 4,900,00
CENSARIUS SL All activities 2018 in process 4,900,00
COMPETENCE PEOPLE SL All activities 2018 in process 4,900,00
MERITANUS SL All activities 2018 in process 4,900,00
OPTICAPITAL INVEST SL All activities 2018 in process 4,900,00
OBAMA CAPITAL SL All activities 2018 in process 120,000,00
SMARTWINE SL All activities 2018 YES 4,900,00
BALEARIC WINES Sl All activities 2018 YES 4,900,00
ROCKEFELLER CAPITAL SL All activities 2018 in process 65,000,00


University 10 years domain! 2018 140,000,00
GOLDEN ESSENTIALS SL Investments, Real Estate, consulting 2016 2016 7,900,00

Advantages of a ready-made company

Very Fast available

Transfer of ready-made companies in less than 24 hours, ready and fully operational from the moment the contract is signed. You won’t have to wait to start work with your own operative company.


Have at your immediate disposal your own operational company. We have many of suitable companies available for any type of business activity, all registered on the Spanish Commercial Registry including bank account, credit cards and also payment systems. Enjoy immediate availability of a permanent Spanish tax number (NIF) for your selected company, without having to endure not only the cumbersome company transferal process but also tax payment management, formalities and the costs associated with the Spanish Commercial Registry.

In short, our service saves you making journeys, enduring waiting times and undergoing processes. Furthermore, share capital outlay is unnecessary since it has already been deposited and recorded in the company’s accounts.


The Deed of Share Transfer certifies the absence of existing debts and charges and legal rights over the company. Alongside this, a notary’s certificate is provided, guaranteeing the company’s inactivity at all times prior to the transfer.


The Deed of Share Transfer is not registered on the Spanish Commercial Registry, allowing the name and other personal details of new business partners to remain out of the public domain.


De Micco & Friends prepares companies to suit the needs of our clients. Any changes you require to the legal arrangements of the company (for example, the type of company, the corporate purpose or any amendment to aspects of the articles of association) will be included in the legal documentation provided by the notary at the time of signing.


De Micco & Friends company lawyers and tax advisors offer a consultancy and management department covering a number of different professional areas; Fiscal (completion of tax forms), Human Resources (Drawing up of work contracts, extensions, monthly pay slips, social insurance) and accountancy (preparation of obligatory accounts, balance sheets, profit and loss accounts).

De Micco & Friends Company incorporation Spain

Company delivery, all included - services overview

Constitution deeds, recorded at the Commercial Registry Yes
Tax ID Number (also called CIF or NIF) Yes
Notary registered guarantee of non-former activity Yes
Notary registered guarantee of non-debt Yes
Notary deeds for the protocols of the Social Agreements Yes
Removal and appointment of new Director Yes
Change of Governing Board Yes
Statement of sole shareholder Yes
Change or expansion of corporate purpose Yes
Transfer of Social Address within the Province Yes
Notary Deed of Transfer of company shares Yes
Spanish Bank account Yes
Registration with the Commercial Registry Yes
Transfer of Social Address outside the Province Yes
Change of Corporate name Yes
Power of Attorney to Third Parties without registration Yes
Power of Attorney to Third Parties with registration Yes
Additional share-holder Yes
Additional Director Yes
Virtual Office (corporate address and administration services) Option

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