Online Order about company formation or purchase of pre-founded company for foreign shareholders

This order will be executed by De Micco & Friends. De Micco Friends is a trusted, authorized and at Spanish authorities registered law and tax advisory firm under Spanish law and Spanish financial regulations. The order includes the following services and results:

1. Company name application | 2. Company name certificate | 3. Company bank account | 4. Drafting of company statutes | 5. Drafting of company formation agreement (escritura de la constitución) | 6. Drafting of all necessary PoA's for foreign shareholders and directors | Notarization | 7. Inscription at company registry | 8. Spanish tax number | 9. International VAT-number | real physical post address.

Fix fee for a new Spanish limited (SL) formation, including all costst: 3,900 Euro

Fix fee for a Spanish limited (SL), pre-founded, ready to use, including change of ownershipp: 4,900 Euro

If you are not sure or your credit card budget is limited, please select "Pre-Pament company formation or purchase", so we will open the case and start with the reservation of your future company name application. Of course your payment will be discounted for you later orders: 2,000 Euro


After receiving your order and payment we will start the procedures within 24hours.

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