The Senior Partner Concept

We are looking for the bests

The concept of the De Micco & Friends Group combines the business units private and corporate legal advise, tax advice and auditing, by gathering experienced experts under one roof and one brand.

This business model creates unique synergies for clients as well as the partners involved. As a partner you not only have access to the expert knowledge and experience of a highly qualified and well-established team, but you also have the opportunity to operate and expand your own service offerings by using the common resources at significantly lower costs. In addition, the Group’s international commission model creates further sources of income for each partner from projects procured for partner colleagues from other business units, regions and countries.

Partner Levels

The Group’s continuous growth increases experiences and know-how as well as the client base. Each new client is a new reference for the Group and thus for each Partner. Both individual experts and expert teams as well as companies working in the business areas of De Micco & Friends may apply as Freelance Partners, Partners, Senior Partners or shareholding Associate Partners. The Group is also seeking entrepreneurial and ambitious partners for interesting locations without established local office to develop new branch offices in collaboration with the group as "First Movers".

De Micco & Friends partner structure

Current Offer and Partner Profile

De Micco & Friends is seeking experienced lawyers at multiple locations, who specialise in commercial, civil and crime law. (Established lawyer teams may also apply).

You are at least in your mid 30s and have already been successful at a law firm or as an independent lawyer or auditor. In addition, you ideally meet the following criteria:

  • Relevant major field of study relating to commercial, civil or crime law
  • Purposeful internships and/or practical experience
  • Good IT skills
  • Very good English skills
  • Excellent communication and consulting skills
  • Ability to work in a team and confidence
  • Flexible and highly venturous and motivated
  • Analytic, conceptual and independent work approach
  • Highly mobile

Due to our international clientele you must possess good English skills.

Applying as Partner / Senior Partner

Your will find an information package, which includes brochures, the partner commission model, the partner level model, a draft agreement and the application form for Freelance partners here as a download.

After receipt, the responsible Associate or Senior Partner will review your application. You will receive a response shortly after. If we are seriously considering you as a candidate, we will usually invite you to an interview at the respective branch office. Please send your application to the following eMail address:

Mail De Micco & Friends