NOLOTIL - Individual Claims

De Micco & Friends is representing injured parties and victims of NOLOTIL within the scope of individual actions, in order to claim compensation against the manufacturer. 
Parallel to the class action against the manufacturer of NOLOTIL, as an injured party you can claim damages in Spain by way of an individual action. Your nationality and your place of residence are irrelevant. It is only required that the damage has occurred in Spain, which means that you must have obtained NOLOTIL or one of the derivatives, based on the substance Metamizol. To bring a claim, non-residents merely require a NIE (tax identification number in Spain), which you can already apply for here.

Basic criteria for a claim

  • The drug must have been acquired in Spain
  • Verifiable damage must have occurred (illness, consequential damages, death)
  • The cause of the damage must be attributable to the consumption of the drug
  • The damage must not date back longer than 3 years
  • The damage must be verified (medical certificates, hospital stay, death certificate...)
  • You do NOT need to be a resident in Spain
  • As non-resident, you require a NIE (Spanish registration number)

Potential level of compensation

The level of the potential compensation depends on the damages in each case. In Spain, aspects such as temporary inability to work is also considered in the assessment of damages. The claims for damages to be filed regarding the NOLOTIL mandates currently handled by De Micco & Friends, are between 15,000 and several hundred thousand Euro. After the perusal of your case, our experts will advise you on the determination of the potential level of compensation to be claimed in your individual case.

Assessment of your case

Each case is different. In particular, the respective evidence to verify the resulting damages are to be evaluated in entirely different ways. To minimise the litigation risk, we therefore offer NOLOTIL victims an individual preliminary review at a reasonable fixed fee of 500.00 Euro + VAT. The fee for the preliminary review will be fully credited if we are subsequently instructed to handle your case. The preliminary review of your case contains the following:

  • Perusal of your case
  • Analysis and evaluation of the evidence
  • Assessment on the potential success of the action

You can apply for the preliminary review of your case here.

The process costs - We assume part of the risk

The legal and court fees for claims for damages in Spain are, depending on complexity and level of damages, between 8,000 and 30,000 Euro plus success fees of 10 to 25 % of the damages claimed.

De Micco & Friends share the risk and offer NOLOTIL victims a lump-sum special fee for individual claims of 3,000 Euro plus VAT. The success fee, which is based on the amount of damages actually awarded, is 15 %. The following services are included in the fixed fee:

  • Legal power of representation
  • Perusal of your case
  • Analysis and evaluation of the evidence
  • Draft of the Statement of Claim
  • Submission of the claim at the Spanish courts
  • Defence of your case including first instance

You can request your mandate for a personal claim here. After receipt of your information, our lawyers will contact you immediately.

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