Immigration services for investors

De Micco & Friends is a firm of experts from different countries, with an international focus, and represents the interests of international clients from all over the world.

Our unique position comes from the complexity of the issues we deal with, continually having to apply different European andinternational legal systems, mastering the languages, and knowing the customs and cultures of other countries.

The Immigration Services

Immigration Services is a department of our Global Family Office. The De Micco & Friends immigration departments have a team of immigration lawyers, tax experts and bankers offering all kinds of legal and tax services for our international clients who need help with the paperwork associated with the residence, visa, working permission, real estate purchasing, etc. .

Globalization has meant that today the movement of people is very common. Europe, especially Spain is a very attractive country for its mild climate, healthy diet, the Mediterranean and also business opportunities. Spain for example is synonymous of quality in life and success in their investments.



De Micco & Friends empowers high net worth individuals, families and investors to become "global residents" and helps to reach their live plans into reality through highly personalized solutions and services.

Global Family Office Services

Our law firm offers a full service VIP and family office service to our foreign clients. We provide Family office and Lifestyle management including Investment advisory and execution, Insurance management, Private banking, Full service real estate (purchase, sale, lease, maintenance, etc. ), Finance of the purchase of real estate and other needs, Legal services, Immigration service, Relocation services as well as tax and accounting services.

The asset portfolios of our international clients include from 5 M untilsome billion US$.

  • Residence Permits
  • Working Permits
  • Immigration for Investors, Entepreneurs and high networth Families
  • Golden Visa Programs
  • Company and Business set up
  • Wealth Structuring, Family Business
  • Family immigration
  • Real Estate Purchase
  • Real Estate Rent/Leasing
  • Tax optimization
  • Schools, Universities, Inscriptions, health care

Sevice Requests

It is a pleasure to assist you in your immigration process.

As we receive hundreds of requests every week, please understand that we can’t answer to single questions by eMail without an evaluation mandate.

There are several programs for non-EU residents and investors to immigrate to Spain. We offer a full legal immigration advice as well as the execution of all processes.

If you are interested to be represented by our advisors in your immigration process, we need a mandate about the analysis and evaluation of your case. We check your individual situation and match it with the newest legal situation and the immigration possibilities here in Spain and other countries in Europe. The result will be a proposal about what is to do and what is the best way to reach the residency - if an immigration is possible.

Please respect that every case is different!  For the evaluation we charge a fix fee of 500,- Euros for individuals and 1,000 Euros for individual investors who like to immigrate by an investment program like the golden visa or entrepreneurship.

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Please contact us for further information.