Golden Visa Spain for all non-EU citizens by property investment in Spain

With more than 300 successful golden visa applications per year, De Micco & Friends is the leading immigration law firm in Spain. We take care of all the formalities, from sourcing a suitable property or investment, to the documentation, application process and granting of a Golden Visa for you and your whole family.

In the last 10 years we have supported hundreds of entrepreneurs, investors and high-net-worth individuals in obtaining second residency or citizenship in Spain. At a time of increasing globalisation, and in particular for residents of politically or economically less stable regions, it is becoming increasingly important to be flexible. This also means being able to travel freely and independently with your family. We refer to this concept as "Global Residency".

The Golden Visa in Spain still can be obtained for property investment from 500,000 euros. Many of our clients from China, Japan, Russia, Africa or the Middle East do not necessarily want to leave their homeland and relocate. But many appreciate the benefits of freedom and flexibility that the option of “Global Residency" allows.

As a global law firm with branches such as in Iran (Tehran), China, Korea, Africa, UAE, Russia and all middle east countries, we guaranty the best service for Golden Visa applicats in Spain .

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The "Global Residency"

A term that reflects the spirit of the times, a way of life and the personal vision of our clients. Spain, as one of the safest and fastest growing countries in Europe offer fast track programmes to obtain a second residency, or travel authorisation for non-EU citizens. Holders of Golden Visas can reside and travel freely within the Schengen area. Through purchasing property or investing in companies, fixed-term deposits or government bonds, the investor can enjoy unrestricted travel and residency, or even permanent residency and citizenship.

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