Scam check - real business or fraud?

De Micco & Friends anti scam lawyers offer a scam analysis to avoid scams and internet frauds.
You got an eMail with a business offer from someone which you never met before? Someone offers to you a business, commissions or other advantages to execute an inheritance, to receive and manage funds or for a membership? Someone offers to you a job or a homebased work with a fix salary?

Every day millions of individuals and companies get victims of internet frauds and scams.
If you get a business offer, inheritance claim, winning message, money managing offer, a loan or job offer and you are not sure, we will check and verify the business and the offeror for you. Before you might become a victim of a scammer, we will analyze and proof the business and the people or companies behind the offer.  

This scam check includes a forensic analysis of the messages which you received and the authenticity of all involved parties, including lawyers, banks or agents. We analyze also documents such as:

  • inheritance certificates
  • memberships and associations
  • job offers
  • companies
  • individuals
  • certificates
  • proofs of capital  
  • bank accounts and finance certificates…

The scam check also includes a contact letter by our law firm to the offeror to proof the authenticity of the senders.

The fix fee for a full scam check including the contact to the offeror is 1,210,- Euros (incl. 21% VAT). If you like to order a scam check please use the following Paypal form. After receiving the fee we will act within 24 hours.